Let us Take Care of Dry and Wet Rot

Both dry rot and wet rot should not be underestimated as they can cause extensive damage to your property. Left untreated, both dry and wet rot can lead to damage to the structural integrity of your property, making it unsafe and a risk to your family. Not to mention, the wrong diagnosis could lead to the wrong rot treatment, meaning more costly repairs down the road. For effective treatment solutions, consult our experts.

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Wet and Dry Rot Treatment

  • Conduct a detailed survey
  • Identify the fungus type
  • Strip and sterilise walls
  • Remove the source of moisture
  • Replace broken pipes

Treating Wet Rot

Wet rot refers to the wood-destroying fungi that is common in older homes, although it can still be an issue in new builds. It affects timber that has become damp from a leaking pipe or penetrating rainwater, which leads to the fungi growing and breaking down the wood as it feeds on the nutrients. If left untreated, it quickly leads to a loss of structural integrity as the wood rots away.

Due to the adverse weather conditions in the UK, wet rot is extremely common and usually easy to spot. Timber will feel soft or spongy and you’ll notice a musty smell. Luckily, wet rot doesn’t spread outside the damp area so it is fairly easy for our experts to treat.

Treating Dry Rot

Dry rot is a less common issue but does spread much more quickly than wet rot. It’s also much harder to identify so it’s best to call our specialists immediately to identify and assess the extent of the issue.

Once our team has identified whether you have wet or dry rot with a detailed survey, we’ll strip and sterilise all affected walls, remove the source of moisture and fix any broken pipes if they are the source of the leak. This will ensure the rot is completely removed and there isn’t a risk of it returning.

To talk to our experts and book an assessment, call us today. We’ll give you our expert advice and walk you through the remedial process.

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"We had a timber survey carried out by R.H. Smith. They have been excellent from the start, prompt communication and even managed to schedule us a last minute cancellation appointment as I needed the survey done quickly. The report came through 4 days later as promised. Very honest report and extremely helpful."

Jen R.


Whether you’ve found rotten wood or a damp issue in your property in Worthing, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional straight away. At R.H. Smith (Worthing) Ltd, we have been providing services including timber treatment, basement tanking, condensation control, fungal decay remedies and much more since 1956 and have a team of trained, qualified experts ready to help. Call us now to arrange a site visit: 01903 238 316