5 Benefits of Waterproofing Your Basement

If you have a basement in your home in Worthing, you’ve probably already experienced issues with moisture. Since it’s below ground, the basement tends to be colder and damper than other parts of the house, no matter how well maintained it is. Waterproofing your basement will not only reduce the moisture and make this room much more usable, but it will also protect your basement from more severe damp and flooding problems.

If you’re unsure whether waterproofing your basement is the right option for your home, this post will show you the important benefits.

Waterproofing Basement

Better protection from flooding

Whether a pipe bursts or rainwater run-off heads for your property, your basement is the most likely spot to get flooded should the worst happen. Although this is the worst case scenario, having your basement waterproofed will help protect it from flooding.

If you use your basement as storage for belongings or valuables, the last thing you want to deal with is water damage from a burst pipe or flood.

Create another room in your home

Waterproofing your basement will make it much more enjoyable to be in. It won’t feel like a dank storage space anymore, and many people turn it into a playroom, den, or theatre after having waterproofing installed.

Think of all the extra space you could have for your family if your basement was a liveable room.

Warm up your home

Your basement is basically a large, cold cavity under your house. When it’s waterproofed, it becomes much warmer, meaning the rest of your home will be warmer too. This is because there is no longer cold air rising up, helping the rest of your home feel cosier. 

Increases resale value

If you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, having the basement already waterproofed will boost the resale value. Buyers are looking for waterproofed basements but don’t want the hassle of doing the job themselves. You’ll find it much easier to sell your property – and for a better price – if you get it done now.

Prevent damp in the rest of your home

Damp issues tend to spread fast. If your basement is musty or you’ve spotted rising damp in the corners, it won’t be long until that problem seeps up to the rest of your house. And this isn’t just an aesthetic problem, damp is a serious health risk and can jeopardise the structure of your home.

Having your basement waterproofed helps minimise the chance of rising damp affecting the structure of your property, giving you one less thing to worry about.

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